Japanese tradition fertilisers for bonsai

Japanese tradition fertilisers

The Hiryo Gold fertiliser range is a complete fertilisation system, which covers all the needs of our bonsai.

Hiryo Gold is the most natural and effective traditional Japanese fertiliser for bonsai. The secret of growing bonsai is found in good compost. These fertilisers, developed under the supervision of Japanese masters, are a definite advance for the cultivation of bonsai. They come from completely natural materials, matured for a long time with beneficial bacteria that maximise their qualities.

Japanese tradition

Advanced technology

High quality

Completely natural

Hiryo Gold.
Last generation fertiliser

The last generation fertilisers prevent the degradation of the substrate, while increasing the amount of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, thus protecting the trees from numerous diseases. Due to its great richness, the doses that are applied are moderate and they dissolve without blocking the pores of the substrate or leaving residues, maintaining excellent soil drainage.

Its granules slowly disaggregate, which give them great efficiency, even in dry climates and environments, where other fertilisers do not act.

Its small, irregularly shaped granules are specially designed so that they can be applied easily on the soil, without being displaced by the water pressure when watering, thus fertilising deeply and in an easy, pleasant and completely safe way. Hiryo Gold fertilisers are living materials that enrich the life of the soil.

Hiryo Gold abono de última generación para bonsáis

Japanese tradition fertilisers for bonsai

The new range of Hiryo Gold fertilisers is developed following traditional Japanese standards. The technical department of Mistral Bonsai and our long experience in the cultivation of bonsai guarantee the results of all the fertilisers in the Hiryo Gold range.

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